Friday, December 27, 2013

Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Management

Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Management
Adaptation Challenges and Opportunities in Northeast Brazil

Eduardo Sávio Martins, President, Meteorology and Water Resource, Center of Ceará State
Cybelle Frazão Costa Braga, Consultant, World Bank
Francisco de Assis de Souza Filho, Professor, Federal University of Ceará
Marcia Alcoforado de Moraes, Professor, Federal University of Pernambuco
Guilherme Marques, Professor, Federal Center for Technological Education
Eduardo Mario Mendiondo, Professor, University of São Paulo
Marcos Airton de Sousa Freitas, Senior Water Resources Specialist, Brazil National Water Agency
Victor Vazquez, Water and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank
Nathan Engle, Climate Adaptation Specialist, World Bank
Erwin De Nys, Senior Water Resources Specialist, World Bank

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