Monday, September 05, 2005


I walk along the beach
Without looking ahead
I´m not afraid of my silence
But I don´t know what I intend to do
I keep my eyes out for you
I´m looking forward to see you
In my imaginary beach, I know, I need

I just feel the mildness of the breeze
I just hear the whisper of the waves
I just feel the warm water in my feet
I just hear the whistle of distant ship

I walk alone, I know, I need
Without looking ahead
In an isolated stretch
Of dune and beach
(I just feel it)

Do livro "A Vida Sente a Si Mesma", Edição do Autor-Gráfica Ibiapina, Teresina, 1ª edição, 2003, esgotada.

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