Friday, February 04, 2022

RESILIENT WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: Tools to deal with climate change and sustainable development in Brazil (English Edition)


This book entitled Resilient Water Resources Management attempts to address the main aspects of integrated management of water resources, climate change and sustainable development in Brazil in recent decades. The book consists of three parts, namely: i) Integrated Resilient Water Resources Management; ii) Climate Resilience in Water Resources and iii) Sustainability in Water Resources.

It is a fact that we are living in an era of great uncertainties related to the climate and that we need tools for climate-resilient water management approaches. In recent decades, climate change is accelerating and disrupting the economies of many countries on a global scale and affecting livelihoods, especially through the impact on water and water-related risks. In this sense, it is imperative to incorporate Climate Risks in Decision Making in the integrated resilient water resources management.

Thus, the first part of the book (chapter 1 and 2) presents a brief analysis of the current model of integrated water resources management in Brazil, with its advances and implementation problems, in order to present proposals for its improvement. The current water resources management model is discussed with an emphasis on aspects of regulation and social control (seeking efficiency and improving quality and rescuing the public sphere as an instrument for exercising citizenship, among other aspects). We sought to analyze the theme from a theoretical-historical approach to regulation (water management models implemented in Brazil and the genesis of regulatory agencies) and participatory management of water resources, involving the relationship of the State and the public sphere, in especially within river basin committees and water agencies.
Therefore, policies related to the management of water resources, the environment and climate change in Brazil are analyzed in a certain way.
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